Cheap Flights to Eilat

Eilat is the summer resort of choice for Israelis, with its glorious beaches, luxury hotels, and wealth of local attractions. Dolphin Reef and the Underwater Observatory are popular with families, and for the adventurous there are numerous day trips available including jeep safaris, camel riding and kayaking. Eilat also has a lively nightlife with a wide range of entertainments on offer including the many festivals which take place here throughout the year. Having made a decision to holiday in the Red Sea resort, the means of travel needs to be considered – and by far the most cost-effective option is to take one of the many flights to Eilat on offer.

All Main Operators run Flights to Eilat

All the main Israeli airlines run regular flights so travelers can select from Arkia flights to Eilat, Israir flights to Eilat and El Al flights to Eilat. Operators tend to offer affordable flights, since they are in direct competition with each other and keen to win new customers. Booking a return flight usually works out cheaper than buying two one-way tickets and it also pays to book tickets well in advance – Arkia airlines offers cheap flights for customers who book their flights one to three months before traveling, with flights costing as little as to 400 shekels ($75-$100) (one way). Israir have similar deals, and El Al Israel Airlines recently started to run flights from Ben Gurion to Eilat, with introductory deals as low as 99 shekels one way.

Check out the Latest Deals

Cut price last minute flights to Eilat can also be found, for those planning a spontaneous holiday – the cost dependent on time of travel, as well as whether travel is in high or low season. Travel agents are often the first to find out about cancellations, with up to date flight prices advertised online, making it easy to check out the best offers.

With estimated times for flights to Eilat from around 40 minutes from certain airports, it’s obvious that traveling by air saves time  – especially with  driving conditions often difficult and uncertain. Booking a cheap flight is the best option for holidaymakers who want to arrive refreshed and ready to make the most of their vacation.