Efendi Hotel

The Efendi Hotel offers five star boutique accommodation situated in the narrow, picturesque lanes of Acre. It is close to the historic city walls and offers a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea as well as the scenic Western Galilee region. The beach is just a short walk away and Haifa is just a short ride away. There are 12 rooms within the hotel, all of which feature unique décor and modern conveniences, including air conditioning and free wireless internet access. Guests at the Hotel Efendi can enjoy a massage in the spa, a trip to the Turkish bath or simply relax on the beautiful terrace.

Services & Facilities

  • Health and recreation: The Efendi Hotel features a spa treatment room and a 400-year-old original Turkish bath, both of which are perfect for guests looking to unwind and recharge their batteries.
  • Dining: Guests can dine in the on-site restaurant – which specializes in seafood and local cuisine – and drink in the wine bar. Alternatively, they can visit the Uri Buri Restaurant – which is owned by one of the hotel’s owner, Uri Jerimias – located just five minutes away.

Room Types



  • Bathroom: Each suite features a stylish and modern bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower. Some bathrooms include ornate freestanding tubs.


  • Spacious Sitting Area: All rooms include a spacious sitting area which is furnished with comfortable chairs, plasma TV and work desk.


  • Ceilings: Many room ceilings are made of restored wood or beautifully illustrated.


  • Stunning Views: All rooms offer stunningly scenic views. Some face the Galilean Hills or the bay, whilst others offer spectacular panoramas of the Mediterranean. All have excellent views of the Old City.


  • Marble Flooring: Rooms 10 and 11 are particularly spectacular thanks to the original marble flooring than can be found in each. These two rooms also include all of the best features listed above.


  • Capacity: All rooms are suitable for up to two adults.