Acre Tours

Acre’s rich history dating back to 150BCE makes it a fascinating place to visit and enjoy.  Well-informed local guides will add value to any Acre tour as they give an informative commentary and background to the city’s historic sights. Archaeological digs continue to discover ancient artifacts and sites of interest.

A walk along the city walls is a great way to orientate visitors as one of their first Acre tours. Younger members of the family will particularly enjoy climbing the towers, playing with the cannons and looking out over the city and the sea.

The Knights Templar left behind many halls and a Crusader Castle complete with moat, which is a fascinating place to visit with Acre tours. Visitors can imagine the final siege and bloody battle as the Mameluks took possession of the castle in 1291. The fortress was later used as a prison under British rule and the once impenetrable walls could not prevent the famous breakout of 27 Jewish freedom fighters in 1947. It now houses the Museum of Underground Prisoners.

A Templar tunnel was carved out of the bedrock in the 13th century and ran from the Old city to the port. Remarkably, the tunnel was only rediscovered in 1994 and is now a unique feature of tours to Acre.

More Turkish influences can be seen dating back to the Ottoman rule of the city with Acre tours to see the magnificent Mosque of Jezzar Pasha. The governor, Pasha, also built the largest Turkish baths in the world at that time and the domed roof inlaid with glass circles and the marble floors are still impressive to see.

Acre tours can also take visitors to the Baha’i Gardens, some of the most beautiful in Israel. The shrine of the Baha’ U’llah, founder of the Baha’i faith, is just outside the city, surrounded by these beautiful gardens. It is a place of pilgrimage for Baha’i followers as well as an attraction for tourists from all over the world.