Arad Tours

The relatively modern city of Arad lies to the south west of the Dead Sea in an area of the Judean desert known for its clean air and hiking trails. It offers a host of sights, attractions and things to do on Arad tours from this modern city base. A visit to the Arad Visitor Center is an informative way to see models and understand the region’s geology and history. It also provides hiking trail routes, maps and areas of local interest.

Local Arad tours should take in the Artists’ Quarter. This productive community of local artisans features the Maayan Hayetzira Gallery, the Desert Vision Gallery and the Glass Museum among other attractions.

Tours to Arad often include the attractions of the Dead Sea, a unique area which has mineral rich waters at the lowest place below sea level in the world. It is very easy to get to on any Arad tour and allows visitors to sit back in air-conditioned comfort and enjoy the scenery as the driver navigates the route and keeps up an informative commentary.

Other Arad tours include a trip to the nearby Yatir Forest, the largest in Israel which covers 8,000 acres. Its cool shady greenery and altitude give it a European climate all year round, and offers pleasant respite from the dry desert heat. The forest is ideal for nature spotting, enjoying spring blossom, exploring the remains of long-forgotten settlements and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

More historic attractions can be found on a visit to the Tel Arad National Park. This is the site of the ancient city of Arad and from an archeological point of view it is one of the most fascinating Arad tours.

Another archeological site can be found at Masada, which is easy to reach from Arad. Discovered in 1838 by an American scholar, it has created international interest from archeologists. The most impressive building is the Northern Palace with its residential apartments and two tiers of terraces for leisure and recreation. South of Herod’s Palace is a Roman-style bathhouse with a changing room (apodyterium) with black and white triangular tiles, a warm room, a frigidarium or cold pool and a caldarium or hot bath complete with underfloor hypocaust. The baths have a mosaic paved floor and from the roof there are excellent views of the whole complex. This superb Roman site is well worth visiting as a day trip from Arad with a knowledgeable local guide.