Caesarea Tours

Caesarea offers a wealth of history and archeology that few other places can match. Caesarea tours are the best way to visit these ancient sites as a local guide can fill in the full background history about Herod the Great’s dreams for building the city of Caesarea in the first century BCE and how it became the capital of Palestine.

The most popular tours to Caesarea are those which reveal the well preserved Roman remains of the city. Caesarea has some huge monuments including the aqueduct, the city walls and the amazing amphitheater where concerts are still held. The area is still being worked on by archeologists and many of their finds can be seen at local museums such as the Kibbutz Sdot Yam Museum. An important inscription which they uncovered bears the remains of the names of Emperor Tiberius and Pontius Pilate and is on display. The area still has several theaters, swimming pools and Roman baths as well as some impressive statuary and the remains of Herod’s Palace, which are all part of the Caesarea tours itinerary.

Herod developed the harbor which at the time was the largest harbor in the Mediterranean. It was the first time that concrete was put to such use. Although earthquakes and a rising sea level have put the works underwater, archeologist divers are still studying the original submersed harbor workings.

Caesarea tours often include a trip to the Hannah Senesh House, where visitors can learn the story of the brave young woman who parachuted behind enemy lines, was tortured and finally executed by the Germans in 1944. Another interesting local museum to visit is the Aaronsohn House Museum dedicated to the family history who were part of the Nili spy organization.

Other popular Caesarea tours take visitors into the mountains to the small town of Zichron Ya’acov. It was founded by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1882 and his remains are now buried at Ramat Ha-Nadiv. The tombs are surrounded by beautiful gardens, planted with many of the varieties which the Rothschilds introduced and developed in Israel.

The Carmel wineries also make an interesting Caesarea tour. The tours explain the founding of the vineyard in 1886 and demonstrates how wine is made, followed by wine tasting.