Coast Tours

Whatever you are looking for in a vacation, Israel is sure to have the perfect coast tours for you. Whether you want to travel along the coast enjoying different cities or choose one resort and take coast tours from there is a matter of personal preference. One way to get the most from any new destination is to take a coast tour with a local guide who can offer so much more relevant information than a guide book.

Tours to coast attractions offer many different subjects, depending upon your own particular interest. For those who enjoy gardens and nature, the Hanging Gardens of Haifa are a must-see. Surrounding the Baha’i Temple on the slopes of Mount Carmel, these terraced gardens are among the most famous in the world. Further north at Acre, the shrine of Baha’ U’llah is similarly surrounded with colorful gardens which are quite breathtaking at any time of year.

For culture, coast tours to Tel Aviv are hard to beat. The city has 20 museums and art galleries offering a wealth of history and education in these rich treasure houses. Tour guides will be invaluable in helping visitors make the most of their stay in this 20th century city.

For real history, Jaffa offers excellent coastal tours around its ancient harbour. There are a host of biblical sites in this amazing city, which has some of the country’s oldest churches and architecture. Its narrow winding streets are lined with beautiful stone buildings, artist’s studios and tiny cafés from which to watch the world hurry by.

Israel has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, some of which can be enjoyed on coast tours. The Old City of Acre was the first property to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, followed by the Modern Movement architecture of the White City of Tel Aviv in 2003. The Haha’i Holy Places in Haifa have since been added in 2008. Israel has three more World Heritage Sites further inland at Masada, the Incense route in the Negev and the Biblical Tells of Megiddo, Hazor and Beer Sheba.