Eilat Tours

The southernmost vacation destination in Israel is Eilat, situated on the northern end of the Red Sea. Once a historic port, Eilat is now a popular destination with Europeans and Israeli tourists who enjoy the beaches, watersports and exceptional scuba diving offered here. Once visitors have tired of the beach, Eilat tours offer some great opportunities to explore the surrounding mountains and visit the archaeological and historic sites in the area.

Eilat tours are highly recommended as a way to see the area without the expense and hassle of hiring a car. Knowledgeable local guides make each tour so much more worthwhile as they explain the relevant history of the area or point out local wildlife.

Most visitors will visit the Underwater Observatory to see the wildlife on the Red Sea reef and visit the Dolphin Reef facility, but the area has far more to offer. Book an Eilat tour into the spectacular Eilat Mountains to the west. Timna Park, just 28km (17 miles) north of Eilat is the site of ancient copper mines, now abandoned but still offering stunning cliffs, breathtaking red rock canyons and colored rock formations such as Solomon’s Pillars. With hiking trails around the lake, paddleboats and a restaurant, it is one of the most popular Eilat tours.

Tours to Eilat’s other sights include trips to Pharaoh’s Island, a coral-fringed granite islet with a small harbor now favored by hundreds of starfish. Take a trip to the Gorge of Inscriptions where Hebrew, Greek and Nabataean inscriptions are carved onto the rock walls near Moon Valley Road. An Eilat tour guide and an all-terrain vehicle are essential for this adventure! Bird and nature lovers will also enjoy a trip to the Hai Bar Nature reserve where hardy desert wildlife can be observed in the Nocturnal Room.

Many Eilat tours will also give the opportunity for some local fun such as camel rides and jeep tours into the surrounding desert and mountain terrain.