Galilee Tours

Galilee offers a splendid range of attractions, from historic sites and ancient cities to national parks, lush mountain scenery and watersports on the Sea of Galilee, also known as the Kinneret. With such a diverse landscape there is sure to be Galilee tours to suit every visitor.

The Galilee area has several national parks including the Beit She’an National Park, about 16km (10 miles) south of Lake Tiberias. It is a particularly historic area and is ideal to visit with a Galilee tour guide who can supply local knowledge about the history of the area and the significance of the site. Beit She’An was established in the 5th century BC and was of such strategic importance that it was frequently under attack by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans until an earthquake in 749AD left the city in ruins. Small settlements sprung up over the centuries but the area was only really repopulated after 1948. It is now a thriving modern city amidst splendid ruins which include a Roman theater, a Byzantine bathhouse, a colonnade and an amphitheater which was once used for fierce gladiatorial battles.

Guided Galilee tours to more nature-oriented national parks include the Gan Hashlosha National Park at Sahne where the warm waters of the Amal river are a constant 28C (82F) and form a natural jacuzzi. The site also has a hydro-powered flour mill, and a Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archeology which has interesting exhibits uncovered from nearby Beit She’An. The Hamat Tiberias National Park has similar hot springs known to have therapeutic benefits. The Hamat Tiberias synagogue is worth a visit as it has the oldest surviving mosaic floor in Israel with a beautiful zodiac design.

For Christians, Nazareth is a well-known biblical town, now a booming city for international pilgrims on tours to Galilee. The Church of the Annunciation, the Church of St Joseph and the Synagogue Church are beautifully decorated and Mary’s Well is a popular attraction. Guided Galilee tours will also give visitors some time to browse the huge and colorful market as well as including other sights of interest in the area.