Golan Tours

The Golan Heights are an exceptional area of natural beauty in the far northeast of Israel, surrounding the highest peak, Mount Hermon. The best way to appreciate this lovely scenic area and all that it has to offer is by taking one of the tours to Golan. Whether you want to enjoy hiking the trails, visiting a Druze village or spend the day on horseback on a cattle ranch there will be some great Golan tours to make your day absolutely perfect.

Many Golan tours explore the natural highlights of the area. Banias has a natural spring which feeds the Jordan River in the valley below. The Gamla Nature Reserve protects the archeological remains of the ancient city of Gamla, including the oldest synagogue in the world dating back to the first century when Herod was king. The bird watching area within the nature reserve and the Yehudiya waterfall are the place for birdwatchers to spot Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and magnificent eagles. The Odem Forest is home to a deer reserve but also has a 5,000 year old megalith called Rujum al-Hiri which means Circle of Ghosts.

History lovers will find a Golan tour for them. Take a trip with a local guide to the Nimrod Fortress, built by Al-Aziz Uthman in 1220 to fend off the Crusader attacks. It remains an impressive ruin even after the 18th century earthquake which destroyed much of its thick defenses.

Golan tours can be taken to the fruit growing area of the Golan Heights. Berry season runs from May through September and farms allow visitors to pick their own fruit including cherries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. This is by far the best way to get top quality bush-ripened fruit at a bargain price!

Family fun can be enjoyed on Golan tours rafting and tubing down the Jordan River. This makes the ideal bar or bat mitzvah experience and the white water is refreshingly cool in the summer season.

The capital of the Golan Heights is Katzrin, a Talmudic era town which has excellent cafés, small shops and the remains of a third century synagogue which is remarkably well preserved. Sample the mineral water at the source, Mei Eden, or take a tour of the Golan Heights winery for a slightly stronger tipple.