Haifa Tours

The beautiful northern city of Haifa owes much to its spectacular location between the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Carmel. Visitors to Haifa will find plenty to enjoy within Haifa itself, from the beaches and nightlife to the shopping and stunning hanging gardens. Having traveled so far, a tour of the surrounding area is highly recommended as part of any Haifa vacation.

Haifa tours are an easy way to visit the sights in the capable hands of an experienced local guide. A Haifa tour avoids the need to hire a car and navigate strange cities. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which is what taking tours to Haifa’s surrounding attractions should be all about.


Haifa is deservedly one of Israel’s top bases for tourism. A trip to Tel Aviv is little more than an hour away and likewise to the Sea of Galilee. Elijah’s Cave is a popular tour and pilgrimage site where centuries of visitors have carved inscriptions on the walls and beseeched favors. The Muchraka is a Carmelite Monastery in the area, also with historic connections with the great prophet. The monastery enjoys beautiful views in all directions across the gardens and forests. The nearby Druze villages are also an interesting place to tour with their local handicraft markets.

Other Haifa tours to consider are day trips to such “must-see” places as Caesarea, Acre and Nazareth, all just a short distance from Haifa. Nazareth has the Basilica of the Annunciation, Mary’s Well with its remains of the Roman bathhouse and the fascinating El-Babour flour mill. A guided walking tour of the Old City takes in all the major sights of this fascinating city.

Haifa tours to Caesarea are a chance for visitors to see one of the archaeological treasures of Israel in the excavated remains of this 2,000 year old port city. Acre, also known as Akko, lies on the Bay of Acre and Haifa tours escort visitors around the Old Fortress, the Hall of the Crusader Knights and the Tunnel of the Templars, along with visits to several of the spectacular synagogues. These are just a small sample of the many wonderful tours available to those staying in the Haifa area.