Herzeliya Tours

The upmarket city of Herzeliya with its immaculate beaches, excellent shopping and dining and top hotels is a popular place for locals and international tourists to visit. The city itself has some interesting sights, and Tel Aviv is just 20 minutes drive away, Haifa is 30 minutes and Jerusalem is 45 minutes drive away.

Those visiting this beautiful resort should start with one of the guided Herzeliya tours of the city to appreciate the sights and history of the area. Some of the main highlights on Herzeliya tours are the Founders’ House Museum and the Museum of Art.

Beit Rishonim, the Founders’ Museum, has a variety of well-presented exhibits including a shack which was typical of the homes of early settlers. There is a reconstructed room from the 1930s, a diorama of the founding families of Herzeliya and an exhibit showing a packing house for the citrus industry. It also shows the archeological discoveries found in nearby Apollonia, another excellent Herzeliya tour.

One of the city’s oldest houses is on Ha’Nadiv Street and has exhibits which document the city’s growth. This wooden shack was built by the Colton family in 1924 where they raised their family. The house has recently been fully restored.

Tours to Herzeliya should include the Museum of Art which has a wide array of paintings, a sculpture garden, videos and photographs in the Yad le-Banim military memorial building on Wolfson Street.

To the west of the city is a Muslim holy site called Sidna Ali with a revered tomb and a mosque. Herzeliya tours will also escort visitors to the Tel Arsaf archeological site, now part of the Apollonia National Park. Knowledgeable local guides will give the background to the fascinating discoveries from this area which was inhabited by the Phoenicians in the 6th century BCE; the Persian era 2500 years ago; the Roman era and the Crusader period. The remains of the town of Arsur with its massive fortresses, walls and moat can still be explored. The site is also used for cultural events and concerts.

A more hands-on visit to Kfar Saba Archaeological and Historical Museum demonstrates ancient skills such as glass-blowing, mosaic-making and the production of wine, one of the most informative Herzeliya tours.