Jerusalem Tours

The uniquely historic city of Jerusalem, which means Holy Sanctuary, draws thousands of tourists each year who take one of the many Jerusalem tours. Visitors come to enjoy the city’s beauty, admire the historic sites, learn about Jerusalem’s history and make a religious pilgrimage to one of the three main religions which are based in this ancient city. With over 12,000 synagogues, 158 churches and 73 mosques, countless museums and holy sites, there is something to give every participant of a Jerusalem tour something thought-provoking and memorable to take away with them.

Those visiting Jerusalem on the Shabbat will find that from midday Friday until after dark on Saturday, the city almost totally shuts down as observant Jews head for the synagogues or spend time with their families, so this is not the ideal day for Jerusalem travel tours in the city.

Tours to Jerusalem with a knowledgeable local guide are the best way to gain an insight into Jerusalem’s culture, history and religious significance. Guides are able to give a background to each area, the politics and culture as well as answering any questions along the way.

Tours to the Old City may take in the Old City Walls and Jaffa Gate, the Western Wall or Wailing Wall, including the Kotel tunnels below ground, the Dome of the Rock and the El Aqsa Mosque.

Jerusalem tours are also available around the New City to see the lovely Yemin Moshe neighborhood with the Montefiore Windmill, a notable landmark. The pedestrianized Ben Yehuda Street is full of small shops, cafés and restaurants. Beyond the city, Jerusalem tours can take you to the Shrine of the Book to see the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. Those who appreciate art will be thrilled to visit the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital with its famous stained glass windows, a gift from Master Artist, Marc Chagall. Close by is the Memorial to the memory of the Holocaust.

Further afield Jerusalem tours take in Mount Scopus with great views over Jerusalem and the Judean desert, along with the Mount of Olives. With so much to see and do in Jerusalem, visitors should plan to spend several days exploring the area fully.

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