Mitzpe Ramon Tours

Mitzpe Ramon sits on the rim of the Ramon crater, a unique geological formation which is the largest natural makhtesh or dry valley in the world. Tours to Mitzpe Ramon offer a host of unique activities and attractions in the company of an experienced local guide.

Adrenalin-pumping experiences around the Ramon Crater include jeep tours, 4×4 adventures, camel rides, mountain biking or rappelling down the steep walls of the 33 meter high wadi. The area has miles of hiking trails which can be enjoyed with a local guide from a Mitzpe Ramon tour. Along the way there are a host of geological features and hardy desert wildlife to see which includes snakes, reptiles and vultures.

The Zoological Garden is one of the most popular Mitzpe Ramon tours and visitors can see close up some of the local desert inhabitants. In the eastern area of Mitzpe Ramon there is a large sculpture park with a host of incredible features which have been sculpted by the desert winds and erosion over time. There are several interesting sites inside the mahtesh, such as Ha-Minsara which translates as “The Saw-Mill”.  It is a rare geological phenomenon on top of a sandstone hill. There are piles of exposed sandstone blocks, shaped like symmetrical hexagonal pillars placed in a heap, just like wooden tree trunks in a carpenter’s shop. Other Mitzpe Ramon tours will take visitors to visit an alpaca farm and a desert archery center, both quite unique experiences and off the usual tourist’s beaten track.

For those wishing to get to know the crater for themselves, there are easy and more difficult hiking paths providing endless scenic views of the breathtaking desert scenery. The crater has ancient historical sites and nature spots which provide a totally relaxing desert vacation experience.

Mitzpe Ramon tours can be taken further afield. Travel with a knowledgeable local guide to Beer Sheba, about one hour north of the Ramon Crater. It has a fine collection of historic remains including Abraham’s Well and the weekly Bedouin market. Tel Beer Sheba has the remains of a walled city which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Eilat is also within easy reach on one of the Mitzpe Ramon tours and offers spa treatments and bathing on the mineral-laden waters of the Dead Sea.