Nahariya Tours

Nahariya, Israel’s most northerly resort town, is a popular place for tourists to find rest and relaxation. The charming town is well set up for visitors, offering tours to Nahariya’s main sights as well as interesting destinations further afield.

Visitors to Nahariya may want to start with an orientation tour of this pleasant city in a horse-drawn carriage. A good Nahariya tour guide will be happy to point out the sights along the way. Most trips begin on Sderot HaGa’aton with its many cafés, shops and restaurants. The Ga’aton River flows through the city and is a pleasant and refreshing feature, particularly after winter rains. The main local sight on any tour of Nahariya is the mosaic floor which was discovered at the Byzantine Church on Bielefeld Street. It is well worth pausing here to check out this historic site.

Nahariya tours can also transport visitors to some of Israel’s loveliest nature reserves. The Akhziv National Park is a wonderful experience blending nature conservation, landscape and heritage and makes a popular day trip for tourists. Akhziv is also the site of an Old Testament city where the Phoenicians obtained purple dye from the local shellfish. Excavations in the town uncovered a cemetery which dates back over 2600 years and makes an interesting stop on any of the guided Nahariya tours.

Rosh Hanikra has some impressive white cliffs which are riddled with caves and tunnels. Ride down the 210-foot cliffs in a cable car and view the caves. Rosh Hanikra is right on the Israel-Lebanon border and visitors can see the tunnel dug here in 1943 to extend the Cairo railway to Beirut.

A day trip to Haifa is very rewarding and is easy to enjoy with Nahariya tours along with a local guide to help you make the most of your time there. The fascinating history and fantastic monuments within Acre’s Old City are another must-see excursion and is certainly one of the most interesting Nahariya tours.