Nazareth Tours

Visitors to Nazareth may be surprised to find this small Jewish village in the Christmas story has burgeoned into the largest Arab city in Israel! Its significance as the home of Jesus Christ and the many sites associated with his family life led to Nazareth expanding rapidly to accommodate the many pilgrims who wanted to see the sites for themselves. However visitors of all faiths will find some wonderful historic sites, scenic views and unique architecture whilst ambling around the narrow streets of the Old City.

The best way to discover Nazareth is with an experienced Nazareth tour guide who can reveal the history and significance of the many fascinating sites of this amazing city. Nazareth tours will also show visitors the beautiful open plains of the Jezreel Valley and the mountainous beauty of the surrounding area of Galilee. Guided walking tours to Nazareth’s most famous sites are probably the best way to appreciate the ambiance and history of this remarkable city.

Nazareth tours are likely to take in the Church of the Annunciation, which marks the holy Roman Catholic site of the Annunciation, where the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary. Nearby is the beautiful St Joseph’s Church on the site of his carpenter’s workshop and the likely home of the Holy family. Mary’s Well was the local water source and excavations have shown it is also the site of a Roman bathhouse. Most Nazareth tours also visit the colorful market with its many stalls selling beautiful fabrics, spices and delicious local foods such as the sticky Baklawah pastries. Inside the Old Marketplace are the thick curved walls of the Synagogue Church, believed to be where Jesus preached as a young man.

Further afield, Nazareth tours will explore the Nabi Sain Ridge with excellent views across the city. The historic city of Cana with its Franciscan Church has still retained its small town status and makes an ideal trip just 8km northeast of Nazareth. Historians will not want to miss the excavated remains of the small moshav community of Zippori, with its theater, mosaic floors and fortress, a highly recommended site of archaeological interest on any Nazareth tour.