Ramat Gan Tours

Ramat Gan is well situated for enjoying all that Israel’s central coastal plain has to offer. The best way to see the city, the sights of nearby Tel Aviv and attractions in the surrounding area is by joining a Ramat Gan tour. This includes a driver so visitors can relax and enjoy the sights in air-conditioned comfort, listening to the commentary from the informative local guide.

Ramat Gan tours cover local attractions as well as other trips further afield. Ramat Gan has a fine selection of museums covering everything from Israeli and Russian art to the fascinating Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum and the Beit Abraham Krinizi Museum. There are a number of theaters in the city, which host a number of theater and dance festivals during the year. The main sights visitors can enjoy on tours to Ramat Gan are the Bar-llan University, the Elite Tower, Ramat Gan stadium, the City Gate Ramat Gan which is currently the tallest skyscraper in Israel and the Safari Ramat Gan, which offers a safari experience to see wild animals in a recreated natural habitat.

Ramat Gan tours will also take visitors on a whirlwind trip around the sights of nearby Tel Aviv. Top of the list will be the Bauhaus architecture in the White City, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Art Deco area is a fascinating place to visit by day and is the center of the city’s vibrant nightlife after dark. Other places to see as part of Ramat Gan tours are the Hatahana complex, where guides take visitors inside an old train car with its fascinating photographs of Old Tel Aviv, and some of the city’s 20 wonderful museums and galleries.

Further south is Old Jaffa, another popular day trip with Ramat Gan tours. The narrow winding alleys, historic architecture, artists’ quarter and tiny cafés around this 3,000 year old port are a delightful way to enjoy some of the country’s oldest history. There is a Middle Eastern flea market near the Turkish clock square, several old churches and splendid views of Tel Aviv from the summit of Old Jaffa Hill.