Rosh Pina Tours

Beautifully situated on the northeast slopes of Mount Canaan and overlooking the Hula Valley and Golan, tours to Rosh Pina offer visitors a charming town in a beautiful area of north Israel. Rosh Pina is one of the oldest moshavot in Israel and has retained its cobbled streets lined with old houses, where flowers and herbs growing freely beneath shady trees. In the delightful cafés and local restaurants, people seem to have all the time in the world to sit and enjoy their meal. Rosh Pina tours offer a wonderful antidote to city life and bustle, best enjoyed with a local guide.

The best way to get around and explore the area is on an organized Rosh Pina tour. The experienced local guides will show you the hidden nooks of the town, including the House of Officials, the old synagogue, and the wonderful Baron’s Gardens on their breezy hilltop position. The gardens are said to be modelled on Versailles and are certainly worthy of a visit as part of any of the Rosh Pina tours.

Beyond the city there are a host of activities to be enjoyed. Rosh Pina tours can organize guided hikes in the surrounding hillside, horse back riding or exciting jeep excursions. A trip to the coast is less than an hour’s drive away, where sandy beaches, promenades, museums and other vacation experiences can all be enjoyed before returning to your oasis of calm again.

The nearby Hula Valley is highly recommended as part of a guided Rosh Pina tour. Areas of the valley have been drained for settlement and there is a nature reserve around the central lake. After heavy rains in the 1990s part of the valley flooded again and the Agmon HaHula was formed. It is now a home for many native birds and flocks of migrating birds in the spring and fall. Visitors can take guided tours along the walking paths and see the birds from specially built observation points.

Other Rosh Pina tours take visitors to nature reserves at Ha Tanur, Tel Dan and the Hurshat Tal region, where the River Dan provides pools for swimming, natural waterslides and fishing. Other tours include visits to the Jewish Heritage Museum in Tzfat and families will enjoy a day at Bat Ya’ar Farm at Mitzpe Amuke which has an animal corner, bow and arrow area, rope park, horse riding and other outdoor activities.