Safed Tours

Visitors come to Safed for the fresh mountain air, cooler temperatures, ancient sights and to visit the home of Kabbalah. The best way to enjoy the city, whatever your reason for visiting, is by taking a guided tour. Package tours provide transport, a driver and a local guide who can answer questions and provide a commentary of each attraction. Safed tours are great value for money and are the best way to ensure that you do not miss out on some of the sights which are off the beaten path.

Tours to Safed’s Old City will include exploring some of the narrow alleyways, climbing the flights of shallow steps and visiting the small studios to see local artisans. It is all part of what makes a Safed tour so different from any anywhere else. It is a picturesque city with a spiritual aspect as it has been the center of Kabbala or Jewish mysticism since the 1600s.

Safed is also a historic city, dating back to Roman times. Safed tours will guide visitors around some of the ancient sites, telling stories about the Crusader fortress and the many different rulers which affected Safed’s past. Beautiful Medieval synagogues can be visited to see their fine painted ceilings and beautiful artifacts. In the Caro synagogue, the Ark contains a Torah scroll which is more than 400 years old. There are also a number of interesting museums which may be included in Safed tours.

Exploring beyond Safed, tours can take visitors to another pilgrimage site, the village of Meron. This ancient city thrived more than 3,000 years ago until Egyptian kings invaded the territory. A synagogue built 1700 years ago has been discovered and according to local tradition Peki’in is where the Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai hid in a cave and wrote the Zohar on which Kabbalah is based.

Mount Meron is a popular place for visitors who can take a guided Safed tour to see the tombs of the Rabbi bar Yochai and pay their respects.  Close by is the town of Rosh Pina, one of the oldest moshava in Israel. Safed tours will offer an itinerary which will include the charming old town, the Baron’s Garden, said to be modeled on the gardens of Versailles, and other delightful sights. For a relaxing vacation in fresh mountain air with plenty of history, Safed is very hard to beat.