Tel Aviv Tours

Tel Aviv is one of the most modern, vibrant cities in the world. Enviably situated on the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, visitors will find it has far more to offer than just sand, sunshine and shopping.

The city of Tel Aviv has plenty of early 20th century architecture to enjoy. Tel Aviv Tours around the Bauhaus architecture of the UNESCO World Heritage listed White City will give visitors a true picture of the significance of this area as the foundation of this stunning, high-tech city. See the pre-1930s Art Deco architecture before visiting Tel Aviv port, a bustling hive of industry by day with a vibrant nightlife after dark. Bars, oyster houses, discotheques, restaurants and clubs produce a hum of social activity beneath the glitzy neon lights which attract party-minded visitors like moths to a flame.

Tel Aviv has 20 museums which can be visited independently or as part of a cultural Tel Aviv tours. Explore Israel’s history in detail with an interesting and informative tour guide or visit these treasure houses independently and discover a wealth of Israel’s history through exhibits, displays and artworks.

Tel Aviv tours include a visit to the Hatahana complex where guides take visitors inside an old train car with its fascinating photographs of Old Tel Aviv, and onto the balcony of the Shoshka restaurant, which independent travelers may miss out on.

Although Tel Aviv has no “real” history pre-1909, there are plenty of tours to Tel Aviv’s older neighbor Jaffa, just 4km away, where history abounds. Offering narrow winding alleys, beautiful stone buildings, artists’ quarters and tiny cafés this has been a significant port for over 3,000 years, witnessing untold history. It has some of the country’s oldest churches and a Middle Eastern flea market near the Turkish-built clock square which has been in business since the Ottoman Empire. Tel Aviv tours will take visitors on an eye-opening trip to see all the highlights of this amazing historic port city. The main attraction is the Gan HaPisga, the Summit Garden, where free time can be spent browsing the Judaica shops, galleries and restaurants which abound in this area.

From the old port, climb the narrow steps in the footsteps of many famous feet before, and stand on top of Old Jaffa Hill for splendid views of Tel Aviv. The nearby Franciscan Church of St Peter has an interesting history, along with many other biblical sites in this fascinating city. With its host of attractions, historic houses and wealth of history, Tel Aviv tours are the best way to see all the sights with an informative guide to make the very most of your vacation in Tel Aviv.

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