Acre Travel

Acre is an old city whose thick sandstone walls have been washed by the Mediterranean Sea for countless centuries. Acre should be on every visitor’s list with its impressive fortresses and strongholds giving it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Acre is also known as “Akko” the Greek word for cure. Accordingly to Greek mythology, when Hercules was wounded he found herbs for a cure in this ancient port city.


Acre travel experiences will reveal the city’s contrasts: old and new, beauty and ruins, bustling city and quiet places for contemplation. It has a legacy shaped by a fascinating past, having been captured by the Crusaders, ruled by the Ottomans and under siege by Napoleon Bonaparte. High walled alleyways and underground passages will surprise and delight those on vacation in Acre.


Acre travel experiences should include visits to see the huge Mosque, the Christian monastery, the Turkish baths and the fascinating museums. Guided tours are sure to enhance any travel to Acre with visits to the Hospitaller Castle built by the Knights Templar and the extraordinary Templar tunnel. Local guides will give tourists the interesting background history to these and other historic sites in the city.


Many thousands of visitors to Acre travel here to see the well-known festivals which take place each year. An Acre vacation will no doubt also include time to enjoy the sandy beaches, boat trips from the marina and strolls around the picturesque fishing port. Overlooking the harbour there are many excellent fish restaurants serving the freshest fish dishes in a charming setting.


Acre has a busy open-air bazaar which is packed with shoppers looking for spices, sweet pastries and crafts, particularly at the weekends. Within the market is one of Israel’s’ most famous hummus restaurants, where lines of eager patrons are prepared to wait for a table to enjoy this superb local dining experience.


For gardeners, a visit to the beautifully maintained Bahai Garden will be a memorable highlight of their Acre travel experience. Similar to the gardens in Haifa, the gardens were built by members of the Bahai religion and the colorful flower beds and meandering pathways are a place of peace and enjoyment.