Arad Travel

Arad is the gateway to the perfect desert vacation. This small well-planned city of around 30,000 inhabitants was founded in 1961 by those wanting to trade the pollution and crowds of city life for a quieter life. It is situated on the borders of the Judea desert to the north and the Eastern Negev with its craters and impressive hills to the south. Its strategic location makes Arad travel easy as it lies within easy reach of all the sights and attractions of the Dead Sea. Close by is the Yatir Forest, a cooler place for tourists to enjoy visiting.


Arad travel tours will bring to light the beautiful hilly landscapes, the tranquility of the desert and the many walking trails in this undeveloped area. A vacation in Arad will reveal it as a well organized, spacious, clean city which welcomes visitors. It is a green oasis amidst a dry landscape but the dry pollen-free air is a blessing for sufferers of allergies or asthma. Many people travel to Arad for its healthy air, spa facilities and its developing medical centers.


Although Arad travel tours will show the modern side of this desert city, there was a settlement here at Ancient Arad over 5,000 years ago. It was an important trade center linking the Mediterranean ports with ancient Egypt, the eastern side of the Jordan River and the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers further north.


As a central base for an Arad vacation, the area has plenty to see and do. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed along hiking trails, ancient settlements can be visited and Arad travel can also take in the Dead Sea attractions just a few kilometers away. The area is best known for the important archeological site on Tel Arad. Travel tours of the area can also include the Baths and Palace at Masada and the castle and health spa at En Boqeq.