Ashkelon Travel

Ashkelon is the southernmost resort on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. Travel to Ashkelon is understandably popular as it has 12km of beautiful sandy beaches, a modern marina and an impressive archeological park which has a wealth of interesting history.

Ashkelon is a city with a long history and was one of five Philistine city states. It was where Delilah cut Samson’s hair, sapping his strength; Goliath was a “man of Ashkelon” and it was probably the birthplace of Herod Antipas in 37BCE. He built a number of summer palaces and an aqueduct during his reign. The city has a rare tax-exempt status and as well as being a flourished center on the Via Maris trade route linking Egypt with Syria. It was also a major wine producer. Visitors enjoying Ashkelon travel experiences will discover plenty more fascinating history on a guided tour of the area.

A vacation in Ashkelon is likely to include some beach time, as the cool dry climate is ideal for sunbathing and watersports. There is a marina, a beautiful promenade along the beachfront and the Ashkelon Water Park, which is popular with families enjoying an Ashkelon vacation. In the Migdal neighborhood are the preserved buildings from the Arab City of Majdal. They include a huge mosque and the Ashkelon Museum is now housed in the mosque with an excellent exhibition of archeological findings as well as artists’ studios in the Khan.

Most Ashkelon travel itineraries will also include a trip to Tel Ashkelon to see the ancient remains of Roman tombs, a Sheik’s grave and one of the oldest arched gateways in the world, dating back 4000 years to the Canaanite period. The National Park, which includes the ancient Tel Ashkelon, is in the southwest of the modern day city and is included on most Ashkelon travel tours. The road passes through the 12th century Crusader-built walls to the sculpture garden which has many Roman statues that have been unearthed as part of the ongoing excavations.

Just south of Ashkelon is the Kibbutz Yad  Mordecai which is a highlight of many Ashkelon travel tours focusing on the area’s more recent history. The kibbutz has a museum dedicated to the freedom fighters, a statue of the founder Mordechai Anilewicz and the remains of the bombed water tower in the 1948 War.