Bat Yam Travel

Bat Yam is a residential city within the Tel Aviv metropolitan district in the Gush Dan region. Lying just to the south of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coastline, it has some of the loveliest beaches in the area, which is the major attraction for travel to Bat Yam.

The name Bat Yam in Hebrew means “Daughter of the Seas” or “Mermaid”. The settlement began as a small Jewish community in 1926 but visitors will see a huge change in this lovely city, which now has 160,000 inhabitants. It has seen rapid growth after Israel’s independence in 1948 due to mass immigration, and again in the 1990s.

Bat Yam travel is all about taking full advantage of this modern city and all that it has to offer. Planted public gardens, good road systems and a superb beach welcome visitors to this beautiful resort. It is also just 24km from the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport making it very easy to reach for Bat Yam travel guests.

The city has a number of shopping malls including the Bat Yam Mall on Yuspetel Street and the Bat Yamun Mall on Nissinbaum Street. Bat Yam travel also promotes the city’s many cultural attractions including the Ampi Theatre, the International Street Theatre Festival and the Beshekel Festival.

A vacation in Bat Yam would not be complete without a visit to one of the museums, such as the Museum Ryback, the Ben Ari City Museum and the Holocaust Museum. Bat Yam travel should also include sampling the city’s excellent restaurants. Some of the best can be found lining the promenade and enjoying the sea breezes.

Bat Yam has 3.5km of beautiful coastline which runs from Yaffo in the north to Rishom Lezion in the south. With lifeguards, a promenade and good shower and toilet facilities, the beach is particularly busy with locals and visitors at the weekend.

Tourists can enjoy the well-equipped Jerusalem Beach or head for the Rock Beach which has a breakwater that creates a calm pool for swimming. There is also a Separated Beach which is for women only on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and men only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Marine Beach is the quietest as it does not have any restaurants.

A Bat Yam vacation can easily include the entertainment, nightlife and attractions of Tel Aviv, which is just a few kilometres to the north.