Caesarea Travel

A vacation in Caesarea is the ideal trip for those who appreciate Roman history, have an interest in the bible or want to visit a fascinating archeological site.  Caesarea was the brainchild of Herod the Great who wanted to build a glorious city in the first century BCE. He chose the small Phoenician port of Stratton’s Tower and laid out a classical Greek city, including a stadium, aqueduct and amphitheatre. Caesarea travel trips will reveal a host of fascinating historical sites and ruins in this ancient city.


Herod even constructed the building of an artificial harbor using concrete – the first time ever for such use. Due to earthquakes the original harbor is now under water and is the site of underwater archeology.


Under the Romans, Caesarea became the capital of Palestine, making Caesarea travel a great destination for historical guided tours. The archeological site will be the highlight of any Caesarea vacation with its preserved theater, replica of the Pontius Pilate inscription, the bathhouses, amphitheater, harbor and the main street known as Cardo Maximus. The hippodrome can still clearly be seen, where chariot races took place, but is now used as a banana field. See the two headless statues and the remains of the fortress walls as part of a guided Caesarea travel experience.


Caesarea has an interesting history for both Jews and Christians. It was where the Romans tortured and executed Rabbi Akiva in 135CE following the Bar Kochba revolt. It is also where St Paul was imprisoned for two years.


Many visitors travel to Caesarea to play golf as it is one of the few places in Israel which has a golf course. This Caesarea travel hotspot is now a popular place for Israel’s elite to live. Other attractions include the museum at the Kibbutz Sdot Yam which has a fine collection of antiquities and is the former home of Hannah Senesh who parachuted behind enemy lines and was executed by the Germans.