Coast Travel

Israel’s coast is a hidden gem, relatively undiscovered by the west, yet with some of the best sandy beaches in the Mediterranean. The coast is dotted with centuries old towns, such as Jaffa and Acre, and glittering modern urbanizations such as Tel Aviv. Coast travel offers a taster of old citadels, ancient architecture, gardens, temples and nature reserves. Whatever you wish for in a coast vacation, Israel has it a-plenty. Here is a quick resume of what to expect as you travel to coast resorts, from the north to the south of Israel.

The most northerly resort in Israel is Rosh ha-Nikra, right on the Lebanese border. The rocky coastline has many caves and grottoes formed by the dashing waves which can be accessed via a cable car down the rocky cliffs. Further south is the Gesher ha-Ziv kibbutz and the village of Eli Avivi.

One of the better known resorts for coast travel trips is Nahariya, a small town of mainly German ancestry. It is a beautiful well-laid out city, best enjoyed on a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Akko is one of the oldest cities along the Israeli Mediterranean coast. Travel to Akko should include time to tour the city’s ancient fortress and walled city. The highlights are the old Templar tunnel which links the Old city with the port, the walled city with its outdoor bazaar and the Mosque of Jezzar Pasha.

Next stop on your coast travel tour should be Haifa at the base of Mount Carmel. Ascend the Mount to visit the Monastery of the Carmelite Order and enjoy stunning views of the city. The Hanging Gardens of Haifa are also worth a visit. A short drive south of Haifa is Atlit with guided tours of this national historic site.

Zichron Ya’akov, perched high on a coastal ridge, is the wine-growing area and a coast vacation should definitely include a tour of the winery. Binyamina, named after Baron Rothschild, is close by.

The Roman city of Cesaria has a historic harbour and amphitheater just north of Netanya and the glittering lights and high-rises of Tel Aviv. Beaches, shopping and museums abound in this modern-day city, or stroll the ancient streets of Jaffa with its contrasting 4,000 years of history.

Further south your coast travel will bring you to Ashdod, now a deep-water container port and site of where the Egyptian Army was turned back during the 1948 War of Liberation. A short drive further reveals Ashkelon with its National Park filled with Hellenistic and Roman remains. The border with the Gaza Strip is just a short drive further, beyond the Yad Mordechai kibbutz, where your travel vacation in coast areas of Israel ends.