Eilat Travel

Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city, situated at the head of the Red Sea on the Bay of Eilat. Once a historic port used by King Solomon for his large fleet of ships, during the 1960s tourism began to see the potential of Eilat travel. With beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, a sunny climate and plenty of water-based activities, a vacation in Eilat is a popular choice for Europeans as a winter retreat and with Israelis during the hot summer months.


The first thing those who travel to Eilat will notice is that the Red Sea is not red at all; it is a gorgeous deep blue. Perhaps the name was derived from the Reed Sea, or maybe it was so named as the surrounding red rocks reflect in the waters at sunset, making it a truly spectacular sight. Eilat travel guests will have to see it to decide for themselves!


Modern day Eilat travel is all about the beautiful bay, lined with miles of sandy beaches and a promenade for romantic strolls at sunset. The watersports which Eilat is so famous for include snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, jetskiing and even the chance to swim with dolphins. Eilat is known for its excellent diving and the Coral Reserve has some splendid exotic and colorful marine life. For those who prefer to enjoy the splendid underwater sights without donning diving gear, the Underwater Observatory is the ideal way to see the amazing wonders of Eilat’s underwater world from a subterranean chamber. Families may also enjoy a visit to the Bible-themed amusement park known as King’s City.


An Eilat vacation will have no shortage of shops, bars, cafés and restaurants where freshly caught fish and local seafood are high on the menu with a wide choice of international cuisine on offer.


Beyond Eilat, visitors should take a trip to the arid desert in the Eilat Mountains where Eilat travel tours reveal archaeological and historical sites. This is also where camel treks, jeep tours, trekking, climbing and other activities can all be enjoyed.