Galilee Travel

The Galilee region is in the northern part of Israel. Although it measures just 100km from its northern border to the peak of Mount Hermon in the south, it incorporates 15 different municipalities. It can be divided into Upper Galilee, bordering the Golan Heights, and Lower Galilee which includes the Jezreel Plain on its southernmost boundary. To the east it extends to the Golan Plateau and in the west it is just 50 miles from the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast.


This hidden gem of Israel makes the ideal Galilee vacation with its range of topography including green shrub-covered mountains, waterfalls, nature reserves, wineries and national parks, along with the Sea of Galilee, also known as the Kinneret. It includes several important cities such as Nazareth and Tiberias. Those who travel to Galilee can easily cover all these sights from one central base.


One of the main towns on any Galilee travel itinerary will be Tiberias, named in honor of the Roman Emperor of the same name. It was where the Talmud was compiled and was also where the early pioneers established their kibbutzim. Modern day visitors to Galilee travel to the area to enjoy the hot springs, health resorts, national parks and water-based activities.


The Hula Valley is an exceptional area which is popular as a Galilee travel destination. It abounds with lush greenery, fed by waterfalls, streams and rivers. The mountainsides are covered with neat rows of grape vines. On the Galilee Heights and the Naftali Mountain Range these fertile agricultural areas grow some of Israel’s finest produce and fruit. The various farming communities are demonstrated here: cooperative agricultural moshavim, kibbutzim and old moshavot farming communities all reside together.


Activities such as horseback riding, ATV rides, hiking and visits to wineries and olive oil presses make this a Galilee travel hotspot. Nature reserves and sites of historic interest abound in this lovely area. Museums and galleries can be found throughout Upper Galilee, along with local artisans and craftsmen. Cultural events and festivals celebrate this area’s rich heritage, providing something for everyone on a vacation in Galilee.