Jerusalem Travel

Jerusalem is the capital and largest city in Israel. Situated in the Judean mountains, this diverse and bustling city is where history, spirituality and the Middle Eastern culture uniquely blend like nowhere else in the world. With a history stretching back 5,000 years and as the center for three major religions, travel to Jerusalem is very popular with curious visitors, historians, and pilgrims alike. With beautiful parks, many museums and a downtown area for shopping and dining, it offers a thought-provoking and spiritual vacation experience.

Jerusalem travel visitors will find that they are transported back in time to a different world with centuries-old buildings, holy sites and world-famous monuments. Biblical-type buildings line the narrow streets where an eclectic mix of people hurry about their business – Hasidim in their black robes, students in jeans, international tourists and gun-toting soldiers. A vacation in Jerusalem will show the many sides of this cosmopolitan city.

This ancient mecca is divided into different sectors, making Jerusalem travel easy to compartmentalize. The Old City, surrounded by 16th century walls built by Suleiman the Magnificent, enclose the separate Jewish, Armenian, Muslim and Christian quarters. Most of Jerusalem’s best-known sights can be found in these areas, including the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aksa Mosque.

Beyond the city walls of Jerusalem, travel to Yemin Moshe with its landmark windmill; Mount Scopus where the Hebrew University is based; the Mount of Olives with its important Christian shrines and Mea She-arim where ultra-Orthodox Jews live strictly under the Jewish law.

Visitors should also take a Jerusalem travel tour to the New City, the post-1948 area of Jerusalem where the Knesset and Government offices can be found, along with the Supreme Court building and the Hadassah Hospital with its famous Chagall windows, a gift to Israel from the renowned artist. One of the most thought-provoking parts of any travel to Jerusalem is a visit to the Memorial to the Holocaust.

With so much to see and do, a guided tour of the city is highly recommended as the best way to fully understand and appreciate all that Jerusalem travel has to offer.

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