Mitzpe Ramon Travel

Mitzpe Ramon is a relatively new town, founded in response to the growing demand for desert tourism. Mitzpe Ramon offers exciting desert scenery and adventurous sports for those looking for more excitement than a regular scenic tour.


Mitzpe Ramon is situated on the rim of the Ramon Crater, the largest natural makhtesh in the world. It measures 40km (25 miles) in length and 8km (5 miles) in width and is a steep sided wadi, or dry valley. It was not a meteorite crater but a unique natural geological phenomenon created by erosion.


Travel to Mitzpe Ramon is very easy by car as it is just 80km south of Beer Sheba and 140km north of Eilat. Those who discover Mitzpe Ramon travel for themselves will be surprised at the pleasant climate as the town stands at an elevation of 900meters. Average summer temperatures range from 8-24C and rarely reach 35C. The area also has very low humidity. In the winter, average temperatures are a cool 1-5C and there is the occasional flurry of snow in the air.


Promoting Mitzpe Ramon travel as a vacation destination is a relatively new idea. The city was founded in 1955 as a co-operative kibbutz with a view to exploiting the crater for industrial purposes, by quarrying rather than agriculture. The project was dismantled after a year as being unviable and the area remained almost uninhabited until Russian immigrants arrived in 1998.


The new idea for the development of Mitzpe Ramon was to develop it as a Negev Desert tourism center featuring the natural wonder of the Ramon Crater as part of a Mitzpe Ramon vacation experience. It is ideal for birdwatchers and nature lovers as the crater is home to many animals, reptiles and vultures. The town now offers a visitor center, guest accommodations and even a Bedouin Inn.


Those who discover Mitzpe Ramon travel to the desert to see its many fascinating attractions. Adventurers will enjoy hiking, cycling, jeep trips and camel tours. On a vacation in Mitzpe Ramon it is possible to rappel down the 300 meter high walls of the crater with an experienced local guide, and 4×4 vehicles are a fun way to enjoy Mitzpe Ramon travel experiences into the desert to see the local wildlife and geological sights. After dark, the clear unpolluted air makes it the perfect place for stargazing.