Nazareth Travel

Nazareth, or Natsrat as it is known in Hebrew, is the largest Arab city in Israel, with a population of 60,000 Christians and Muslims who live together peaceably. It is located between the Jezreel Valley and the mountainous region around Galilee, which makes it an ideal base for a Nazareth vacation exploring the Galilee area.


Nazareth is known as the Cradle of Christianity, and Nazareth travel is focused upon the many sites associated with Christian beliefs. The city has an unusual mix of European Gothic and neoclassical architecture with a Middle Eastern ambiance. A stroll through the city’s narrow streets between picturesque houses is a memorable part of Nazareth travel. The Arab influence is easily identified in the sweet Baklawah pastries which those enjoying a Nazareth travel experience will see on every street corner. A vacation in Nazareth will touch on fascinating archaeology, religious faith, modern cultures and Middle Eastern charm.


Nazareth was just a small Jewish village 2,000 years ago, but pilgrims eager to travel to Nazareth to see the hometown of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ led to the building of the city’s first church, the Church of the Annunciation, on the site of Mary and Joseph’s home. This led to the city’s rapid expansion with many other churches being built during the mid-19th century. The Church of St Joseph is said to mark the spot of Joseph’s carpentry business and Mary’s Well is self explanatory. However a Roman bathhouse has been uncovered there and the structure, which dates back to the Crusader era, has some interesting frescoes.


No stay in Nazareth is complete without a visit to the local market where a feast of fabrics, souvenir crafts, artworks, spices and foods add to this authentic Middle Eastern experience.


Other attractions too many to mention can be enjoyed on a Nazareth guided walking tour as part of your Nazareth travel experience. Stroll the Nabi Sain Ridge promenade for local views, visit the local Turkish baths for an exhilarating scrub, peek into fancy manor houses and explore the underground passages at the house of the Greek Orthodox bishop. Nazareth travel has surprises for visitors around every corner, making it a memorable place to visit or stay.