Netanya Travel

Netanya is a beautiful resort city on the Sharon coastal plain with approximately 180,000 inhabitants. It is just 36km north of Tel Aviv, making travel to Netanya very easy. Netanya is named after the philanthropist Nathan Straus, owner of the American chain store Macy’s. He donated much of his fortune to enabling the settlement of Israel.


The area was first settled in 1929 as a moshava by citrus farmers but it has become one of the world’s largest exporters of diamonds. Some of the world’s leading diamond cutters and polishers came to Netanya from Belgium during World War II, bringing their trade with them. They established the city as a world leader in the diamond trade.


Netanya absorbed many immigrants and was a sizeable settlement when Israel announced independence in 1948. In fact it was the first community to be given city status. It continues to have a very cosmopolitan feel and is home to many English-speaking retirees, as well as having four industrial parks and many hi-tech companies.


Most tourists are drawn to the 12km expanse of lovely beaches and appreciate the potential of Netanya travel to see the local sights. The white sandy beaches are situated at the foot of scenic cliffs and draw many visitors looking for a relaxing family vacation in Netanya. There is a children’s camp on Herzl Beach along with swimming, surfing, paragliding, watersports and sunbathing.


The resorts offer saunas, heated spa pools, volleyball and squash courts. Shopping, top art galleries and excellent restaurants abound in this international resort. Further afield, a Netanya vacation offers the opportunity to take a Jeep tour, play golf or maybe hike along part of the “Israel road” which runs from Kibbutz Dan in the north all the way south to Eilat. The well-kept promenade in Netanya is part of this route.


Netanya travel guests can enjoy some interesting local sites including the Um Khaled Khan, the 1,000 year old sycamore tree and many interesting museums on a broad range of subjects.


Beyond the city, escorted Netanya travel tours reveal beautiful nature reserves including the Purple Iris Reserve, the Udim Reserve with its turtles and the Nahal Poleg Nature Reserve, which can all be discovered on a tour as part of your Netanya travel vacation.