Ramat Gan Travel

Ramat Gan is a city of 150,000 people in the Central Coastal Plain. Its has one of the largest Diamond Exchanges in the world, and it leads the country in education, culture and social awareness. It is also just 6km from some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. All these features make Ramat Gan travel particularly popular with both Israeli and international visitors. Travel to Ramat Gan is particularly easy as it is just 19km from the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.


Ramat Gan was founded in 1921 to the east of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. It quickly outgrew its quiet village lifestyle with waves of immigrants. In the mid-1960s the Diamond Exchange District, known as Bursat HaYahalomim, was established by Moshat Schnitzer and it put Israel firmly on the map as far as exporting fancy-cut diamonds was concerned.


Ramat Gan travel tours are the best way to see the sights of the city with the informative assistance of a local guide. See the country’s tallest skyscraper, City Gate Ramat Gan; the national stadium and the Maccabiah sport village, built for the Jewish World Games which take place every four years. Almost 25% of the city is given over to public gardens and parks, adding to the tranquility of this smart city. The Safari Ramat Gan covers 250 acres and has the country’s largest zoo. Families should definitely put this on their Ramat Gan travel itinerary as it shows wild animals in their native habitat rather than in a caged zoo. A safari will be the highlight of any Ramat Gan vacation.


Those enjoying a vacation in Ramat Gan will appreciate the many cultural activities including the Bat Zvi School of Performing Arts, the Ramat-Gan Theater, the Library Theater and the Russell Cultural Center, which between them host a fine program of choral performances, stage productions & children’s theater. Those looking for good shopping, will enjoy the fine shopping malls in Ramat Gan such as the Ayalkon Mall, the D-Mall, Marom Center Mall and the Elram Center Mall. Ramat Gan travel tours will also escort visitors on a fascinating trip to the museums which offer a wide range of exhibits at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, Man and the Living World Museum, Maccabi Museum, Museum of Russian Art and the Museum of Jewish Art.