Safed Travel

Travel to Safed takes visitors to the highest city in Israel. Situated in the magnificent mountains of North Galilee, with stunning views of Galilee and the snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon, it is a beautiful place to visit. Safed stands at an altitude of 2,790 feet (850 meters) which also makes it one of the coldest cities too. Safed travel draws many pilgrims and those who follow Kabbalah, as the city has been the center of Jewish mysticism since the 1600s.


A vacation in Safed will reveal the long history of this picturesque city. It was settled in Roman times and later the Crusaders built an important citadel in the city which fell to Saladin in the late 12th century. By 1492 Jews expelled from Spain were settling in the city. One of the most influential residents was Rabbi Isaac Luria, who embraced Kabbalah and the written Zohar in 1569, shortly before his death. He is considered the father figure of the Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah.


Safed became known as a holy city, the center of Kabbalah. Many of those who visit Safed travel to the city to experience the home of the faith for themselves, but they will find far more in this delightful city. Winding cobbled streets and long flights of well-worn steps navigate the incline on which Safed was built. Ancient synagogues and hidden niches of the Old City blend with the trappings of modern-day living. The artists’ quarter is alive with artists working in their studios and old stone houses have ornate iron gates and arbors of neatly trained grapevines. Many doors are painted blue, said to be a reminder of heaven. The city still has its huge Crusader fortress which now hosts summer festivals.


Safed is known as a green city, and Safed travel guests are invited to pay a small fee and plant a tree at the Jewish National Fund’s Tree Planting Center. It is a worthwhile contribution to keeping Israel green and may encourage visitors to return in the future on another Safed vacation to this lovely place of serenity.


Those who join Safed travel tours will discover the Torah scroll in the Caro synagogue, the ancient city of Meron nearby and Lag Ba’Omer where the tombs of Rabbi bar Yochai and his son are found, high above the plains on Mount Meron. With an experienced guide, Safed’s many secrets and fascinating history are revealed making any visit truly memorable.