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Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city and biggest commercial center, is like nowhere else. Set on the beautiful Mediterranean coast with an enviable 14km-long beach strip it offers a unique ambiance of excitement, relaxation and educational discovery through Tel Aviv travel tours. Nicknamed the “Big Orange”, Tel Aviv is Israel’s answer to New York’s “Big Apple”, although some view it as a modern-day Gomorrah, with its skimpily clad bathers and decadent party nightlife!

Visitors to Tel Aviv travel to this city-that-never-rests to experience the sights of the first modern Jewish city in Israel. It was founded in 1909 by 66 Jaffa families who established the Akhuzat Bayit neighborhood, which means “homestead”. This area went on to become the heart of vibrant Tel Aviv, where David Ben Gurion famously declared the independence of the state of Israel. Although visitors that travel to Tel Aviv may be disappointed that this modern city has no holy sites, Old Jaffa is nearby and more than makes up for Tel Aviv’s lack of ancient monuments.

Whilst the modern business center is a sea of high-rise glass structures, visitors to Tel Aviv travel down to the “White City” to see the contrasting Bauhaus style architecture, now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which extends northwards from Allenby Street to the Yarkon River. Elsewhere the exotic Arabesque and Art Deco structures are preserved from the pre-1930s and contrast with the city’s ultra-modern image.

The city has its own historic sites including Bialik House, the Old Cemetery on Trumpeldor Street and Ben Gurion House. No vacation in Tel Aviv would be complete without a visit to one of the 20 museums, ranging from the Land of Israel (HaAretz) Museum and unique Palmach Museum to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art with its impressive collection of Impressionist art. More cultural attractions await visitors with the newly constructed opera house and performing arts centers where the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cameri Theater have put Israel firmly on the cultural map.

Whether you are looking for a Tel Aviv vacation relaxing on the sun-soaked beach, indulging your sense of history in Tel Aviv travel tours of the area, marveling at the city’s high-tech 21st century image or partying till dawn at the oyster bars, nightclubs and all-night samba sessions on the beach, Tel Aviv has something to suit all ages and interests. Come and see for yourself!

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