Tiberias Travel

Tiberias, also known as Tverya, has been a sought-after vacation hotspot since it was founded by the Romans around its therapeutic hot springs. Situated on the shores of Lake Galilee in north Israel, the city was built by Herod Antipas and named in honor of the Roman Emperor of the day, Tiberias. Travel to this peaceful destination is easy, being just one hour from Haifa and two hours from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Travel to Tiberias from the airport can be made by car or bus. With its scenic natural beauty, beautiful beaches, excellent cuisine and historical sites it is an ideal center for Tiberias travel exploring the local area.


The Sea of Galilee, also known as Kinneret, is just 22km long and 12km long and lies 650 feet below sea level. It is actually a freshwater lake, despite its name, and is an important source of freshwater and fish. It features in many New Testament stories about Jesus calling his disciples and the nearby Mount of Beatitudes is where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered.


Tiberias travel offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors to relax with nature, visit historic attractions, participate in all types of watersports, take scenic boat trips and visit pilgrimage sites. Tiberias itself is a lively city of 30,000 inhabitants, with a beach, marina, water park, and some excellent fish restaurants and bars along the local promenade.


Those on vacation in Tiberias can take guided tours of the Old City to make the most of this exciting and historic destination, or explore the bazaars and stroll the boardwalk which runs to the more touristy downtown area. The local castle is now the home of the Dona Gracia Museum and the remains of the old city walls include the Church of St Peter, one of Tiberias’ many historic landmarks.


Nearby, at the southernmost tip of the Sea of Galilee is Degania Aleph, the oldest kibbutz in Israel, founded in 1909. Although some parts of the western coast of the Sea of Galilee are stony, the eastern side is easy to reach during your Tiberias vacation and offers beautiful beaches and all types of watersports. Other places to enjoy a guided tour as part of your Tiberias travel experience should include the Golan Heights, the hot springs at the Hamat Tiberias National Park and the northern regions of Galilee.