Zichron Yaacov Travel

Those who travel to Zichron Yaacov say this city has a different atmosphere to other cities in Israel. It is just a few miles northeast of Caesarea and has great views of the Mediterranean. One thing is for sure, Zichron Yaacov travel will introduce visitors to a place of serenity and tranquility.


Back in 1882 a group of Romanian pioneers purchased this land and set about creating a moshav community. Conditions were hard, the soil was rocky and malaria from the swamps was a persistent problem. Many settlers moved on but a benefactor, Baron de Rothschild organized the town and helped the workers to find the right crop. Viniculture proved to be the answer, although once the winery had been established, in 1892 the grapevines once again succumbed to a type of parasite, and it all had to begin again. Now the area is flourishing. The wine cellars carved into the mountain over a century ago are now used by the successful Carmel Mizrachi, a commercial winery which offers excellent tours for those on vacation in Zichron Yaacov.


Incidentally, Zichron Yaacov means “memory of Yaacov” and was named after Baron Rothschild’s father. Before the Baron himself died in Paris in 1934, he expressed a wish to be buried in Israel and after the establishment of Israel, his son had his body reinterred on the Heights of the Benefactor, named in his honor. Those enjoying a Zichron Yaacov tour will probably visit the tomb, set in beautiful gardens and filled with the plants which the Rothschild family helped to establish in Israel.


Other sights to enjoy as part of Zichron Yaacov travel experiences are the local museums, gardens and shops, all in the shadow of the Carmel Mountains. Further afield, Zichron Yaacov travel tours are the perfect way to explore the coast, visit the Shuni fortress or spend time in historic Caesarea.


This charming town is off the beaten track of most tourists, but a Zichron Yaacov travel experience is highly rewarding in this charming town. Stroll the main street, Rehov Hameyasdim, or Wine Way which is lined with red-shingled buildings and olde world gas lamps. Small shops, cafés and restaurants line the cobbled streets and points of interesting history can be found on the various local signs. It has a true community feel and those enjoying a Zichron Yaacov vacation will be warmly welcomed.