Israir Flights to Eilat

The beautiful Red Sea resort of Eilat is closer than you think – by air. Israir flights to Eilat provide the perfect way to start a vacation at this exquisite resort, refreshed and secure in the knowledge you have made the best decision cost-wise. Passengers arriving by air have the added advantage of landing at the city airport which is located close the sea and promenade, with many of the hotels just a stone’s throw away. This means the vacation can start straight away – and you can be checked in and on the beach within a matter of hours.

The Beauty of Eilat

Eilat is the leading resort in Israel, attracting holidaymakers from both home and abroad, popular for its wonderful sandy beaches and blue Mediterranean Sea, and a favorite with water sports enthusiasts. For visitors who wish to arrive refreshed at their hotel in the least amount of time, there’s no competition when it comes to mode of travel. Flights to Eilat provide a fast, cost-effective and stress free way to arrive at your destination. The alternative is to drive or take the bus, options which are sure to involve arduous hours of travel, leaving travelers both stressed and out-of-pocket, since both fuel and bus tickets tend to be expensive.

Israir Offer Competitive Prices

Israir Flights to Israel take around 40 minutes on average, from Sde Dov Airport in north Tel Aviv. Flights are regular with over five per day in general, along with additional flights during the evenings and nights according to demand. Israir are highly competitive when it comes to price, with fares ranging from 200-400 shekels ($50-$100) one way, with a child’s fare at 200 shekel ($50) and babies’ fare at 42 shekel ($10). Ticket prices will vary according to times and whether traveling in high or low season, as well as what’s on offer at the time.

Israir flights can be purchased within various vacation packages offered by accredited travel companies, as well as through Israir directly. Booking in advance – or finding a last-minute flight – will lower prices significantly.

Get your Holiday off to a Flying start

Next time you plan a trip to Eilat, make sure you get off to a flying start and book the fastest and cheapest means of travel – flights to Eilat – it’s possible to be checked in – and in the pool in under an hour, ideal for those on a short break