Mount of Olives Hotel

The Mount of Olives Hotel is popular among pilgrims to Jerusalem. It sits at the highest point in the city and affords guests with a wonderful view of some of Jerusalem’s holiest sites, like the Chapel of the Ascension, the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene and the Tomb of the Prophets. Of the hotel’s 61 rooms, the room numbered 317-318 proves the most popular due to its large windows and view of the Dome of the Rock. Wireless Internet is available in the hotel’s lobby area.

Services & Facilities

  • Internet: There is Wi-Fi in the lobby area of Mount of Olives Hotel.
  • Dining: Meals are served in the hotel’s dining room.

Room Types

All of the 61 rooms at the Mount of Olives Hotel Jerusalem have a bed, telephone and ensuite bathroom with shower or bathtub.